World’s Largest Stock Exchanges – India’s stock market now ranks 5th in the world

World’s Largest Stock Exchanges: Largest Stock Exchanges in the World Leaving France behind, India has joined the list of Top 5 Stock Markets in the world. In January of this year, the French stock market had brought India from 5th position to 6th position. But India’s day-by-day growing market has again regained its 5th position. India’s stock market has been showing very good growth since March. The reason for this is that outside investors want to invest their money in India. With this, India’s macroeconomic situation is improving a lot.

India’s market capitalization (ie how much India’s stock market has grown) is $4.1 trillion as of today. India is now in 5th position in the list of the world’s top 10 stock markets. Since the beginning of this year, India’s stock market has grown by $330 billion.


5 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

If we compare India’s stock market, the size of America’s stock market is 48 trillion dollars. After that is China whose stock market size is 9.7 trillion dollars. Japan is at number three with 6 trillion dollars. And at number four is Hong Kong, a partner with a 4.7 market size. And leaving France behind, India’s stock market stands with a 4.1 market cap.

stock market rankCountryMarket Capitalization (Dollars)
1America48 trillion
2China9.7 trillion
3Japan6 trillion
4Hong Kong4.7 trillion
5India4.1 trillion
6France3.24 trillion

Jefferies, a renowned brokerage firm outside, has said that India is a fast-growing market. Now it is just a matter of time before the BSE Sensex crosses 1,00,000. This target of Jefferies has allowed investors from all over India as well as outside India to invest money.

Nifty and Sensex at all-time high

India’s stock market is growing rapidly. Both Senses and Nifty have increased by 0.6% in the last 2 days. Nifty has reached 20,826.95 points and significant growth has also been seen in Sensex. Sensex is currently at 69,336.44 points.

Top 5 reasons why India’s stock market is growing rapidly

  • BJP Government: In the recently held state elections, BJP has won in 3 out of 5 states. And those 3 states are Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Due to the coming of the BJP government, the confidence of the people has increased.
  • Money from outside the country: FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) i.e. investors from outside the country are investing their money in the Indian market on a large scale. Because of that India’s stock market is increasing.
  • US Bond Yield Down : The yield (in simple language, interest) of the bonds available in the US market has gone down. And to get more interest, they invest their money in countries outside that country.
  • Stable Interest Rates : Be it outside market or India, interest rates have been quite stable for some time. Due to this, there is less fluctuation in market activities.
  • Strong Macros : Macros means the economic condition of India is quite good. India’s GDP grew by 7.6% from July to September.

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